Monthly Archives: July 2017

Birch Bay RV Resort…

The view from the bay at Birch Bay RV park, looks like a watercolor sunset.  Our visit to this park was interesting to say the least…they had a Phase 1 and 11 in their park, Phase 11 was obviously built to accomodate the larger rigs that are available these days.  But…because of TT’s policy that we are free to choose any site that’s available (they do […]

Grandy Creek RV Resort…

For a Thousand Trails resort…Grandy Creek really surprised us…it was very well kept, the staff was very attentive to everyone’s needs.  This was also a KOA…somehow they both shared the same park, maybe this is what made it so different.  Although, I soon found out that KOA members had to pay extra for all the amenities…I don’t know much about the KOA membership but now I […]

Seaside RV and Tall Chief RV Resorts

This is the furthest in North Oregon we’ve ever been…and I was sooo surprised at how busy the beaches were.  Not indicative of what I know to be Oregon Beaches…the coast here was full of people and dogs.  We enjoyed some beach time in between the cloudy gloomy days that still fell upon us.  Where is Summer? that was our biggest question but Doug kept reminding […]