Gypsy Moon

Farewell Gypsy Moon…

Well, we made a huge decision and decided it was time to move into a larger RV.  When we first ventured into RV living…we kept to our thought of less is better, and choose a smallish travel trailer.  What we didn’t realize was how taxing it would be on her to have 4 people and a dog, living in it full time.  It was made for […]

The Adventure Begins

     Well six months and three offers later, two of which fell through…we have finally sold and said goodbye to our beautiful homestead and are hitting the road.  Six months ago we decided we wanted to travel and explore Oregon more before settling down again.  And once we do, we plan on having a much smaller place, simplifying our lives.      The journey up […]

Why RV Living…

Meet Gypsy Moon our new RV!  Had you told us a month ago that we’d own a 33′ RV and that we’d be planning on living in it for a few months or possibly a year traveling around I’d of said…”What?!?!”. But here we are… making plans to do just that.  How did we get here?  Well, life has a way of surprising you…just when you […]

Hello World!

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