South Jetty RV Resort, Florence Oregon…

We decided to explore northern Oregon into Washington state this summer.  So on April 30th we headed up the coast to Florence Oregon…Sand Dunes country!  We stayed at the South Jetty RV Resort which is part of Thousand Trails.  It reminded me much of Russian River…most of the sites were in the trees and much of the place was sort of old and weathered.  But the […]

Deeelish Real Food on the Road…

  Yep, you heard right…real food on the road!  When we first ventured to hit the road a year ago, first to just travel to fairs and such and now being full timers, I read several post about eating camping meals while on the road.  That’s good and fun once in a while, but I was out to prove I could cook real food while on […]

Deserts, Mountains, Oceans, Oh My!

Can you believe I have been sick for 5 weeks! Yep, I came down with something just before New Years when we arrived to Desert Pool Hot Springs.  I used my oils and felt it could have been worse…but the coughing (most likely made worse from my asthma, lingered and lingered on).  Then 2 days ago I came down with a sore throat I thought I was […]

Turtle Rock Resort

We found a great deal through Passport America for this sweet resort.  It’s one we’ve been wanting to check out last summer but the rates were out of our budget. We were able to book a site for 2 weeks, and were hoping to get some good days to explore the beach.  Unfortunately, it rained all but 3-4 days.  We still explored it, it’s a nice […]